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Kim Clark: Everyone has value and a purpose 12 October 2019

 Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has value. Everyone has something to offer to this world. My purpose and God-given calling is to SPEAK LIFE and I will do that with all my heart.  "Over the years I’ve found that I can’t really help people practically I can’t mow your lawns, I can’t bake for you but I can encourage you emotionally and spiritually." - Kim Clark #speakinglife #bravelove #iambravelove See full message here: 

I.Lead Change - Kim Clark: Be Empowered 19 september 2019

 My biggest dream is to live in a world where all people with disabilities and impairments are seen as having potential; to live a world where all people believe they have value and feel empowered to be all that they can be. This was the speech I made at the I.Lead youth with disabilities conference. #beempowered #makingchange #thisisme #ileadchange #joyfulalways